HiveAP330 help please

hello. I am new user so please excuse my questions; i did read some forum articles.

I have AeroHive AP330 i see people have installed openwrt in this. i have following question:-

1 After success installation will i be able to use hiveap330 as wifi repeater?

2 where to find guide for aerohiveap330 openwrt please.

i have following things ready

1 Windows 7 computer

2 i have 2 different type of console cable. usb to rj45. rj45 to DB9. i guess usb to rj45 console will work better?

I have not ever putty into aerohive before. Should i just out DCpower and putty in it?

your reply is appreciated.

thank you

1 there are two radios, so yes, you should be.

2 guide for what?;a=commit;h=f2b7d9dc1ca3d33f14961cf2885639f4f9e8965e

Not sure if that's the kind of serial/console you need, or you have to hook it up to a serial on the PCB.
Trial and error.

thanks so much.
i wondering how to enter uboot. it says to enter uboot.
can you please tell me.

Like I said, trial and error.

This was actually quite helpful -
read the comments too.

Based on it's the console that's supposed to be used. Obviously putty works just as well as minicom.

Google FTW.