History: OpenWRT Version Backwards Incompatibility


I am not sure if this the right category but I didnt not find any other which may be more suitable nor if it has been answered before.

Is there a rule as to when OpenWRT "jumps forward" and stops being backwards compatible (configuration wise) with previous releases? Does this happen with every major release? Can this be found somewhere in the documentation (sort of policy or something)??

Thanks in advance and sorry if it is a duplicate question!!!

When updating, the UCI configuration will be merged with the default for any newly-added values; if changes are made that render previous settings obsolete, there will be an update script that automatically sets the new values according to the previous settings on first boot, so (in theory) OpenWRT is always backwards compatible (however the updated settings should no longer be imported to previous versions in that case).

For example, there is a script for LED migration.

This usually works quite well, with the only exception I could recall being the upgrade from the ar71xx target to ath79, which used to cause issues with network settings, not sure whether this is fixed by now.

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