Higher rate of spammers recently

Has anyone else noticed? Or has it always been this high and i'm just viewing more frequently.

They all seem to view a few posts, throw out a few likes, and then make a thinly veiled help post which will contain a link to some dodgy website.
I'm not sure what restrictions are currently in place for newly registered users, but are they perhaps being promoted to basic a bit too early?

I don't currently offer any solutions, just pointing it out.

It appears to be getting worse to me as well - and they're definately working harder to disguise their link spam with apparently relevant gibberish.

So, I haven't been here (registered) very long, but I got to level basic after 6 days, and more or less 1 post, 1 mention and a reply.


IMHO this has nothing to do with the trust levels (new vs. basic). Spammers do spam already with their first posting (trust level = new).

I agree with @tmomas - I don't think the rate of spam is accelerating.

We could come up with more draconian settings for new users, but this would decrease the utility of the forum for people who have a problem and want a quick answer.

I am content to continue with this policy: if you feel that a posting is spam, just flag it. The moderators keep an eye on things and remove the cruft pretty quickly. Thanks.


How much control over new user abilities is there?
I had a thought that allowing new users to only post links that point to:
Openwrt;github;mailing list;??;

But if controls aren’t that granular then that won’t fly.

What you’ve said is ultimately the path forward, just raising the problem/idea.

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