High Sensitivity 2.4GHz + wave 2 5GHz


I need two new AccessPoints. They should have

  • at least one Gigabit Port (more not really needed but i don't care if they have more)
  • wave 2 ac Hardware with MU-MIMO für highest throughput right next to them
  • very RX sensitive 2.4GHz hardware, for longest range on that frequency (at least -93dBm)
  • price doesn't matter, it just should be supported perfectly by LEDE and has high quality

I did intensive research, but im really not sure, what to buy.
Most boxes with newest chipsets seem to focus on 5GHz band and leave the 2.4GHz band RX sensitivity in ~-70 dBm range, which is abysmal.

Also most of that newest hardware seem to focus "gamers" as market, which I am not and I don't like the looks of those devices. It's not like I really care about the looks, but I always doubt that the designers had stability and quality in mind, when they developed those things.

Therefore I always end up with devices like the Ubiquity UAP-AC-PRO, but I cannot find any information about their RX sensitivity. It seems they, among some other companies, won't disclose their data about RX sensitivity, which is disappointing.

I hope you can help me.


I've had good experience with Mikrotik devices, although I haven't used one with a gigabit port yet.

The manufacturers that care about looks are mostly eastern buddies, you will find many large antennas, but overall the performance is worse than a box with no antennas and a strong transmitter (verified).

But don't go with what I say, choose something that you think will work. There are many manufacturers of quality equipment out there.