High power Wifi router Openwrt recommendation

Hi I would like to buy a new router but I have not found a proper device on the market i wonder if I should buy Lenovo Newifi 3 D2 or Xiaomi AX6 Router or do you have a different suggestion.","Thank you in advance for your advice on having a 75/8 internet connection in my house.

This speed can for me be handled well by my TP Link Archer c7 v5 's.

When I look at that device, the reviews of the purchased are generally not very good, especially as wifi power, i wonder if this device is good in your opinion.

AX routers are in early dev I've read here somewhere and therefore not preferred by me. I do own very little AX devices and they still work at ~ 500 Mbit/sec with my archers.

Honestly, pick something older (like a couple years) that is still supported in the current release. I'm using Meraki devices because the hardware is actually quite good, people are dumping it for cheap without licenses, and the flash/ram is rediculous.

I'm using an MR16 for wifi, and an MX60 for routing. I'd recommend doing separate devices for WLAN/LAN because you can place the wifi in a good spot to cover the whole space while still leaving the routing device in the spot where the cable guy swiss cheesed your house.

EDIT: I'd use the MX60W and the MR16 or the better, but still supported MR AP. Then you can put the same SSID/WPA on both and make coverage even better. I bet you could have one of each for < 100USD in total.

DONT GET THE MX64, It's the MX60 that I'm using. I don't see the 64 on the supported list.

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