High Power Router with USB

Can anyone recommend me a high power router (27dbm or more) with USB 3.0 to connect a 4G/5G USB Modem.


Netgear R7800. Better range than a TP-Link Archer C5 / C7

Does the USB Port of R7800 support 4G LTE Modems ?

As i know the C7 has a very good range. If the R7800 is better and more stable i will go for it. They are cheap as second hand.

I would assume it doesn't depend so much on the USB port rather on available drivers for the LTE stick, but I have no practical experience. Be aware there are two different wifi drivers.... ath10k-firmware-qca9888-ct (default) and ath10k-firmware-qca9888 so if you run into wifi related problems you can try the latter.

i ordered a R7800.

What is the difference of this drivers ?