High performance device with ARMV8, gigabit, WIFI 5 or 6

I'm looking for an high performance device with ARMV8 SoC, gigabit, WIFI 5 or 6, something similar to xiaomi AX3600 and compatible with openWRT.
Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you


hello try linksys e8450 or belkin rt3200 it's a same things :slight_smile:

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Warning, although they look very promising they are still very much on the bleeding edge in early 2021. It could be years before those are considered reliable.

yes I understand do you think it supports 1G gigabit / up and down I receive it on Monday and I can't wait to test openwrt on it to play video games, with maybe sqm and other things ...

if I understand correctly the installation is a simple sysupgrade via the user interface, the wifi does not matter to me only the game and the wired :slight_smile:

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