High Network Traffic Drops

resized ? How do you mean ? There is a DROP in the amount of dropped packets, meaning there are almost NO dropped packets while running wireshark, if in THAT time I doubled the amount of traffic to the openwrt, shouldnt I see a spike instead of a .. valley directing to 0 ??

400 mp == 400/1000 == 4/10 packet

4 seconds == 4 packets

249 mp == 24.9% of a whole packet
(i.e. 249/1000)

4 seconds == 1 packet

You were sending a copy of the data in LAN, counting that, it was a slight reductions, out of a total of:

  • So I simply mean: 1 vs. 4 dropped packets in a 4-second-average sample are both pretty close to 0, given:
  • There also a minimum record of 0 on the other graph too (meaning there's periods of no dropped packets on the graph you're concerned about)
  • Assuming LAN-to-LAN traffic should be OK anyways, you generated double the traffic
  • Your concern seems to be due to the scaling of mp/s and just a few dropped packets in a time-sample pictured


  • Additionally, have you checked the Ethernet cables going to the Pi.
  • Are VLANs setup to a switch?
  • Is there tagging involved?
    • :bulb: Does your switch have a way to show interface (VLAN) errors, drops, incorrect tags, etc?

Keep in mind that all RPis up to -including- the RPi3 are severely hampered by their USB2 system bus for everything, which does quite significantly limit the network throughput (and make it choppy). The RPi4 finally does away with this performance bottleneck and is the only one that can be reasonably used for networking tasks with OpenWrt.

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Yes, done that, removed all cables one after another for a few minutes and checked if it stops..

Of course, its a Zyxel GS1200-8

Sure it is, otherwise wouldnt work with a single homed firewall and VLAN separation wouldnt make sense ?

Unfortunately no, had a 5-port D-LINK before, but it had too less ports, but 8-port was not in stock, so I had to go for the only 8 port available ..

That might be a hint, I was also thinking if maybe the rpi2 is just congested with 5 vlans on 1 port .. Maybe I'll give it a try and get another rpi4 ...

get yourself a cheap used x86 firewall appliance, they start at 25$/€/£ on eBay.

Yeah, might think about it, I have another RPi3 here, maybe even better than a RPI2 ..

it's not, if you reread what @slh wrote 11 hrs ago.