High Load on Linksys WRT3200ACM

Hey All,

I have an odd one here.

For a while now I have been using the latest snapshots of the firmware. As of about 2 weeks ago I updated to the latest snapshot as I normally do with all the relevant packages that I set in the build (like I have been doing for ages). After leaving the router running for a while the load would start to spike and max out at like 4 or 5. The router would become unusable and no device would end up connecting to the internet. I would see no CPU usage only IO.

I thought it was my USB that I used for storage on it, so I replaced it with another device. Same issue about a day later. I removed the USB completely and removed all those mount points. A day or so later it spiked again. I did numerous things like stopping unnecessary services (extra packages I had on there like collectd and nwlbmon). Nothing worked. The only fix I had was rebooting the router.

I then resorted to downgrading to 21.02.7. This time I did a complete wipe using the default build package, and not saving any settings. The load spike started again about a day later. I checked top again and I saw no load on CPU and this time no load on IO. idle was at 99%. I checked iostat and nothing there was showing up anything, but load average was increasing, and once again the router was unusable and I had to reboot it.

It always seems to be about a day or two after a reboot it freaks out and just spikes.

The only thing I can do when this happens is SSH to the router, other than that it is completely dead. WiFi stops and I cannot even load up the Web GUI.

I am completely stumped.

Has anyone seen this or be able to tell me how I can troubleshoot this?


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