High CPU Load, disable LuCl Graphs

Hey everyone,

On an TPLink Archer C7 V2, firmware verison 19.07.7

High CPU load, with peaks being at 5 and average being over 1.7

This all randomly started happening. I previously had Cake SQM installed, so I disabled it to see whether that would help, but it didn't.

Knowing this is a single core CPU, I heard that disabling LuCl realtime graphs could help? How can I go about doing this?

Those graphs only consume CPU while the page is open on your browser. If you want to disable them, just close the page.

Connect by SSH and launch a "top" command to see what is consuming CPU.


Appreciate the reply. Excuse my lack of knowledge here, as this is relatively new to me.

How do I go about launching a "top" command?

So I connected by SSH on PuTTy and all that. Is the command just "top"?

yes, it is.

And ctrl-C helps you to exit it...


Thanks so much.

Now it seems to have calmed down. It is now at a 0.5 load average. Is now a good time to do it or should I do it when it spikes again?

You should keep "top" open in a window and during spikes your monitor monitor in real-time which process consumes the CPU time .

(Ps. An idle router typically has just some 0.05-0.10 as load. 0.5 already sounds like something consumes some CPU)


It has settled down right now.

It's weird though, right now if I look at OpenWRT, it says I'm at 0.4 load, but on the top command, it shows it's 95% idle...

EDIT: Nevermind, the OpenWRT was showing what it was 2 minutes ago. Seems like they're matching up right now.

It's load average, over the last 1/5/15 minutes. You are good.

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