Hide WebApp Router from Internet

Hi there.
I want to know if it is possible to configurate openWRT to block port 80 where is the WepApp of my LAN router.
I make this question because I discovered that with my public IP I can load the webapp of my router and I dont want this.
I only want to access via my local network not from internet. I checked the Linksys firmware and I cant find the way so I want to know if openWRT is able to do this configuration.

thanks in advance.

Why do you have two routers? What is the purpose of each, and which one is conencted to the internet directly (maybe a topology diagram would help).

Yes, you can block port 80, but if you do so, you will break lots of other things, too (although 80 is less frequent these days since 443 is more common). You can further restrict it by simply not allowing a given internal device to reach the internet at all, or whatever granularity you need.

hi there. Thanks for your quick answer.
I dont have 2 router.
I have one modemWifi (from my ISP) configurated on bridge mode, and then I have my LAN router who receives the Internet from this modemWifi.
So, on my router I can access to her WebApp using his private IP... this is fine. I want to can access in this way. But I dont want to leave enable the webApp from Internet. Today if I use my public IP on the port 80 (doesnt support HTTPS) the webapp of my router appear. And in my opinion this is not safe, because anyone can do the same and arrive to my router.
This is the reason why Im asking for this configuration to hide the webapp by any configuration using openWRT firmware. This is possible?

It sounds like your ISP modem+router is what you want to block, and that that it is the thing that is directly connected to the internet. Is that correct?

If so, you cannot use OpenWrt to block anything if the device that needs to be blocked is the one that is closer to the internet.

Can you remove the ISP router?

From a device connected to the LAN or from outside your network?

Assuming you're talking about replacing your existing router then yes it's possible. OpenWRT, by default, blocks access to most ports (including 80) from the internet.

may be I'm not being clear with my question.
Tell me whats happen when you search your public IP, then use this IP with port 80 or 443 on your browser. Could you be able to see your router webapp or are blocked to access to your router webapp from Internet?

In the most of the cases, the access to the home routers is only from LAN network...

This is what I want to achieve, the access to my home router webapp only from my LAN network not from Internet using the public IP.

depends if you do that in lan or from out

use you LTE connection on your phone and see if you can access to luci web

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from Outside.

if so you are not using the wan port of openwrt router?

Im not using the openWRT firmware yet. Im using Linksys firmware and I want to know if with openWRT I can do this block.

By default, openwrt wil not allow any connections from the wan.

well i do not know how your firmware work and how you configured it. in openwrt luci is accessible only in lan, if you made change this can be different.

what Linksys device do you have

Thats what I wanted to read! Thanks my colleges.
On the other hand, I just discovered that if I call my router from my public IP directly load the router webapp, but If I use a VPN and try to access to port 80 of my router using the public IP is blocked.

My mistake was make the test from my local network and not using a different public IP.
Thanks for the help!!
I will try anyway openWRT

that's what i said before

every time you make a mistake, you end up learning. As Einstain said, you need to make mistakes to learn.

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