Hi-Link HLK-WR02 with OpenWrt/Lede

Is it possible to let Openwrt/Lede run on a HLK-WR02?

I can't find any info in how to do this. I found that Hi-Link disabled uboot for the HLK-RM04.

I'm not sure about the HLK-WR02 but i can give more insights into the hlk-rm04 modules.

U can change the stock u-boot using the web interface of the rm04.
But if u want to run a stable version u will need the hlk-rm04 module with 8MB flash and 32MB memory.

The default build system doesnt include this so i made a guide on howto make everything work.
Build your own OpenWRT image for Hi-link hlk-rm04 modules with 8MB flash and 32 MB RAM

Ill try to add more information on the product page for the rm04 as well, but i'm still waiting for the confirmation email.

If you have any other questions about this module i'll be happy to answer them.