Hi can anyone help me to build a firmware for new Access Point D-Link DAP-F3705-N

Hi Can anyone help to me build a firmware for my new ap ?

Thanks in advance

What is the device model?
Why not use a stable release or a snapshot?

D-Link DAP-F3705-N. It is not mentioned in the ToH.
It is based on QCA 9344 Chipset. 64MB RAM, 8 MB Flash, 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port.

Can i use the stable firmware for product which is not in ToH ?

If it's not listed, it's not supported. While it should be possible to support this device, someone (probably you, at this point) will still have to actually do the porting work. Embedded devices are not generic, they each need their own firmware, specially tailored to their specific hardware quirks, partition maps, firmware formats, GPIO assignments, etc. pp. Trying to flash something else will end up in tears.

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I could not find official firmware downloads for this device, could you provide me with a link to the Firmware offered by D-Link?

I've seen various devices from the DAP series and their firmware formats, but this device seems like a rebranded OEM model for the middle east market. It probably does not have an FCC ID printed on the label either, or one that does not start with KA2?

One of the next steps would involve capturing a bootlog with a USB TTL adapter ($2 from China), though you probably don't want to crack open such a waterproof sealed outdoor case :thinking:

So, this thing is manufactured by Creatcomm, but they don't show the actual device on their website, however it seems to be from the TB5 series with the added parabolic antenna.

Firmware downloads look quite promising though, the Format seems to be 32 bytes ascii md5 hash + 0x20202d0a padding + rootfs + kernel, if you're lucky the checksum is not even salted :slight_smile:

But still, an official Firmware and a bootlog would be helpful.

Please find official firmware.Possible to generate openwrt firmware with below firmware ?

Device Model is DAP-F3705-N
Official Firmware https://we.tl/t-91rymyJ2a7

Firmware format looks good, md5 is over the entire file starting from 0x24, so no salt etc. needed.

Now we just need the mtd flash layout, this can be either from a serial bootlog, or the GPL sources for this device.
Are there any GPL sources available for download from where you found the firmware?

Either way, you should probably have at least a USB-TTL adapter for serial access or an SPI programmer, since the chances to brick your device by flashing an image (even with the correct flash layout) that someone built "blindly" for a device never seen before would be quite high :wink:

Hi can you help me to build openwrt FW ? I am ready to pay. Thanks

If you need this for commercial use (e.g. as a service provider), you probably have more than one unit and could sacrifice the weather-proof case of one to capture a serial bootlog?

Unfortunately this device is not available in my country, so, as much as I'm interested in affordable outdoor PtP hardware, we would still need a bootlog first.
You can find CP2102 USB dongles very cheap on ebay or AliExpress!