HH6 Lan to HH5 Wan

I am unable to get internet on my HH5 in a Lan to Wan configuration.
After changing the subnet on the HH5 to and rebooting with a Lan cable running from a BT Smart Hub to the HH5 Wan port, i am getting no internet through it.
The HH5 works perfectly in a Lan to Lan configuration.
It is currently on LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560
I have not found a simple guide on this topic, and my knowledge is limited.
So I am reaching out for help.
I would be grateful for a simple walk through on how to edit the configuration files.
Many thanks

Best guess is you perhaps have not changed the physical settings from default ptm0 to eth0.2 for the WAN interface.

If you wish to configure the HH5A as a 'router' using red WAN port in DHCP client mode, refer to section 9.3 (and 9.2) of the installation guide for HH5A for 'step by step' instructions.


Wow, such a quick response.
Thank you so much, I have been struggling with this for days.
Indeed I did not change the wan settings to eth0.2, so that will probably do it.
I have looked at you guide, oh Great One, but I must have missed it.
You are a legend Sir.
Thank you :pray:

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I'm running 18.06rc1 on a HH5A . I had to rename dsl0 to dsl0.35 to get the wan connection up through the DSL line.

ipv6 gets a /56 assigned, but gets a score of 0 on test-ipv6.com , running 18.06rc1 on a HH5A. Reverting back to BananaPi router on a bridged SR505n VDSL modem/router.