HH5A - wan "device not present" after reboot

BT HH5A with Open-WRT 19.07, has been running fine for months including occasional reboots. Last night I was playing with DDNS and installed the service and scripts package etc. Everything fine. Today I installed libustream-openssl (as per recommendations on this forum) and rebooted. My WAN devices (IPv4 and IPv6) are "device not present" and there's no DSL connection. (Zen Internet VLAN101 etc. all working for months previously).

I switched off the DDNS service and uninstalled the libustream-openssl package, which orphaned the main openssl package as well so it removed that too.

Still "device not present". Not sure how to troubleshoot this further, I have GUI and terminal access, but have replaced this as my router for the moment and am connected via ethernet only.

Happy to post console output on request... Any ideas?

if you're willing to drop all old config, do a reset, like firstboot via ssh

HI, yes I found a backup config. So I reset the router, and uploaded the old config (taken at the end of March when the router was working flawlessly). And guess what... boot up and "device not present" on wan interface once again. Is it right to start considering hardware issues at this point?

And if you skip the backup, and start from scratch?

OK, I flashed it with a new image of 19-07 and unchecked the "keep config" button. Same issue - wan and wan6 report "network device is not present". Hmmm.

So I flashed it again with 18.06.1 and we're back. Curiouser and curiouser. Now busy restoring all my settings... and probably won't upgrade :wink:

My HH5A runs fine on 21.02rc1. Don't forget to uncheck the 'keep config' button to avoid problems; this goes for other routers too.

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what murraydr44 said.

Going from 18 to 19 should work just fine, going to 21 would require a reset during the upgrade.

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