HH5a tftpboot fails with a string of T

I have two BT HH5a routers. I can load the .asc file to them but neither will accept the lede-lantiq file using tftpboot.
Both accept the tftp environment.
It then looks like they try to load the file and fails.
I have tried different NIC, different PC (windows).
I'm using Putty and solarwinds tftp server. Trying others yeilds the same result.
The lede-lantiq .bin file is a latest copy.
Any ideas?

The 'T' means timeout, AFAIK. So the tftpserver is not addressed correctly, or for some reason it doesn't respond. In your case I'd use wireshark on the tftpserver to look if it receives any tftp packets.

Disabled the TFTP hosts firewall?

I pinged HH5a from PC and all is good. I pinged PC from HH5a and it failed.
I put my devices through a router and all now works. Go figure?

PCs firewalled? That's the default setting in most OSes.

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