HG655b - general question

Hi all,
I have seen some q's about this modem here so I thought I woudl try to get an answer from the wise people:-).

This modem is old and discontinued but my mother uses it abroad. Until now I have been using Teamviewer with her tablet to log in to the admin page locally ( using https it seems) but a few days ago I found a page about enabling remote access permanently (typically it is only 20 mins which is useless for me, I need it to be open permenently).

They recommended adding an ACL rule for http, WAN, any, any. I tried but the modem rejected it and pointed me to the usual remote management (the 20 mins option). Then I had an idea (bad it seems) and I put in an ACL rule for https, WAN, any any any. It seemed to work, I managed to access the modem remotely using IE and FF afetr the warnings on dangerous site blah blah. I was in cloud nine.... until a day later or so, no more access, page times out. Well whatever I though... so tried to access via local tablet on Well, that no longer works either !

So now I cannot login to the admin page of the Huawei HG655b.

I wonder why this is - did I confuse the modem by adding a https WAN ACL rule in addition to the normal https LAN? Do I need to restart the router? Do I need to reset the router altogether (that would be terrible as mother is totally computer illiterate).

She is even afraid to pull the plug out of power outlet but woudl that help? Or have I managed to do something in config that requires a reset and inputting all the provider data etc?

Sorry this is not WRT related but if you have an answer please tell me (message whatever is good) or point me to some info source - I could not find anything on the web.

Many Thanks!

Install OpenWrt on it...


Even if you don't, that page has some good technical information about the unit that may be helpful.

I don't know if your mother uses it as a modem, or just as a router, so be aware that, as I read that page, the modem portion doesn't function under OpenWrt (very common with integrated modems and/or Broadcom chip sets).

Once you get that unit under control again, or replaced with an inexpensive, modern, more reliable unit that is able to run current OpenWrt, learning to use either ssh directly, or tunneling ssh, is a much more secure way to manage a device remotely.

Many suggestions and opinions around inexpensive devices on the long thread