Hg622u wont boot

So I flashed OpenWrt using the TFTP method, but the router won't boot a says: filesystem CRC error 222 corrupted image?. I think this should be fixed with the bootloader mod, but the download link returns 404.
thx for any help

I guess, this happens on the second boot. You may need to execute this command on the first boot at the Openwrt command line:

mtd fixtrx linux

The firmware used for this router is the one from the HG655b which doesn't need this fix. The firmware for the HG622 (not u) has this fix, but the flash size is different and therefore not compatible.

I'm not sure if the custom CFE you pointed will be compatible with your router (it needs to be tested to be 100% sure). If true then it also will solve this problem.

I could work in a firmware specific for this device but routers with 32 MB RAM will be dropped in the next release. They can barely load wifi drivers with enough RAM.

I can only get into CFE and then I get the error, and I cannot get the custom CFE file from the openwrtWiki for HG622u because the file has been deleted.
the error message:
"Boot from main system!
Linux filesystem CRC error, 222 Corupted image?
MAIND first Double Image is error boot failed !
System can not boot,go to CFE"

The modded CFE is availabe at the HG622 page:

Maybe the image is too big for flashing via CFE. I guess it should be less than 4MB to keep the CFE double Image behavior. You may need to flash an older Openwrt version, with smaller size, and then upgrade via Openwrt to the last one.

Edit: the image is always > 4MB to bypass the double image checking, or it could be flashed otherwise in the upper half of the flash, and openwrt won't boot this way in this target.

is it the same as the HG622u modded CFE? because on the HG622u page is different CFE download link. Which is not working.....

Yes it is. But I'm not sure someone tested this CFE on the HG622u, or just the guy who made the wiki page copied and pasted the HG622 one with minor modifications.

I just updated only the link in the HG622 page because it was broken. I didn't in the HG622u because we still don't know if this bootloader is compatible.

I there some wiki on how to flash the modded bootloader?

It can be flashed via JTAG. From a running copy of Openwrt. Or by using the dummy firmware (only CFE) availabe on the same link I previously posted.

OK, I will see what I can do, thanks for your help.

Flashing OpenWrt with the dummy firmware worked! Running out of ram, but it works. thx