HG556a: 18.06 or 19.07?

@danitool @bjonglez You should come to an agreement regarding OpenWrt support for HG556a A/B/C, either 18.06 or 19.07. We should avoid editing the dataentries back and forth between both releases :slight_smile:

If an agreement has been reached, I can also protect those dataentries from further editing until the issues with 19.07 have been solved (if they can ever be solved). Please let me know your thoughts on this.


Agreed :wink: I emailed @danitool about it to make sure he tested that 19.07.3 fixed the issue.

Part of the confusion is that the fix was commited just after 19.07.3 was tagged, so it may seem that the fix is part of 19.07.3. But in reality it's not.

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@danitool confirmed that the correct working version is 18.06.8, until 19.07.4 comes out.

@tmomas it's a good idea to protect the dataentries until then, it may avoid future ping-pong edits.

I have protected the dataentries now.
If you need them editable again, just drop me a note.

HG556a C

18.06.8 = OK
18.06 = OK
19.07.3 = Fail to boot
19.07 = OK


@bjonglez @danitool With FS#2202 closed and the solution implemented in 19.07.4: Can we now update the dataentries to 19.07.4?

Yes, 19.07.4 tested and working ok.

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FYI - Dataentries updated to 19.07.4 and edit restrictions removed.

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