Hg553 upgrade fails

Hi all,
I unlocked and flashed successfully some hg553, some of them with jtag to change CFE.
Flashing from CFE the openwrt firmware, quite in all cases does not success the upload of version 19, but all works fine with 18 and older.
Also when flashed older firmware and trying to flash newer within Openwrt luci the flash have no success.
Any suggestion? I would upgrade all with the newest fimware.

Nobody as an idea how to solve?

Don't keep settings between versions.

Already done, I did'n have any success flashing from CFE, within Luci with or without keeping settings...
Flashing 18 or lower all works but trying to flash a 19 image fails and the router bricks so it's flashable again only by CFE.
How could I do it by shell?

I Tried by ssh shell

mtd write /tmp/new-19-firmware.bin firmware

But gives the error

Could not open mtd device: firmware

Which are the mtd names that mtd knows?

The MTD partition table defined in the kernel can be viewed with cat /proc/mtd

Using the MTD command directly should not be necessary since there is the sysupgrade script.

It sounds like there is something wrong with the 19 build since you seem to be saying it does flash but does not boot no matter how you flashed it. To debug this situation you need to watch the boot log on serial.

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But referring to listed fimwares for hg553 there isn't any sysuprade files, or I'm wrong and all of them are sysupgrade?
At the moment I am unable to connect directly to serial console

Why trying to do by ssh shell

mtd write /tmp/mycfe.bin CFE

My router answer that can't write to CFE

Could not open mtd device: CFE

that is mtd0 according to

cat /proc/mtd

As previous attempts with firmware...