Help Xiaomi R3P brick

I am in need of help, I installed OpenWRT on my R3P, working fine, but I decided to try to go back to stock firmware and installed stock firmware via pb-boot, after that my router stopped turning on the front led and completely lost access via SSH, the LAN ports are still on the leds but I don't have access, I tried using UART, but there was no sign of life, I saw somewhere that this router uses a second bootloader, via NOR (SPI memory), how do I get access to this bootloader? Thanks in advance!!!

sorry my english because i'm brazilian...


You need the UART, maybe you have connected wrong.

You need to connect like this and use
Speed= 115200
8N1(this usually is default in putty)

PC <------> Router
RX --- TX
TX --- RX

Hope it helps you

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Did u solve it?