Help WR840N <W>

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for help for friends on this issue, I have 2 routers tl wr840N version exclusive for providers, a router that you can customize the firmware so that even if the subscriber restarts the settings he returns to the that was configured and etc. the problem is that I customized 2 of them and forgot the password and I can’t access them anymore so I tried to put the original firmware through the tftp server and now they keep flashing the lights at the same time I’ve already tested all the firmware tp´link site for my version which is 4.0 but always the same error can someone help me to install openwrt on them?

I apologize if I posted in the wrong place I ask the moderator to move to the correct place sorry for the text so big
note: mediatek MT7628NN chipset

@dygow16, welcome to the community!

  • You never noted if you installed OpenWrt.
  • See the flash instructions here.