Help with wireless repeater mode on openwrt

Hi everyone
this is my first post i will try my best to be clear and not sound too noobish :slightly_smiling_face:
i followed the following guide to turn my dlink-dir 885L into a wireless repeater , everything works fine except for the last part of the guide were it says to enable the ap of the master mode interface in order to repeat the signal. the wireless interface has a client mode that is connected to my main wlan router. the problem for me is that when i enable the master mode ap wireless the client mode drops the wireless connection to my main router, i can see it come on and off in client mode which is the backbone and when i disable master mode wireless the client mode reconnects without problem. according to the guide this should not happen. my wireless interface client mode should connect to the main router and its master mode should be able to repeat the wireless signal as i understand it. in the interface section of opnwrt i have 3 interfaces , 1 lan rear ports , 2 wwan wireless interface, 3 a bridge that i created between these two as per the guide listed above. the bridge has a static ip on the same subnet as the wwan and the lan is on an altogether different subnet. maybe this is were my mistake is? to clarify\summarize i followed the guide posted above to a t, i got the wireless interface to connect to my main router in client mode and give internet to my lan ports "wireless bridge mode" when i attempt to turn on wifi on my dir-885 wireless interface master mode "AP" so that i can repeat the the client mode signal everything drops. the client connection of the wireless interface drops. i really hope that i explained this correctly and if yes what am i doing wrong?

BCM4366 means brcmfmac, which can't do STA (client-) and AP mode concurrently, that is a hardware/ firmware limitiation and unfixable (other than by replacing the hardware). There is no bug here, the hardware just can't do it (at all).

Hey @slh
Thanks for the response. Glad to know that it's a hardware issue and not a configuration error on my part , I just started playing with opnwrt and love it. At least my dir-885 in it's current configuration makes a killer wireless bridge. Looking forward to experimenting some more with opnwrt.

Mediatek (filogic 820/ 830, mt7622, mt7621a)- and Qualcomm (ipq40xx, ipq806x, ipq807x) hardware do support this usually quite fine, it's just Broadcom that doesn't.

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