Help with Technicolor TG800

after getting my TG799VAC running fine on 15.05.1 i ended up getting a tg800VAC, but i for the life of me cant get it to play nice.

it is running 15.05.1 like the TG799, but leaving it set to BRCM63xx, results in numerous errors when installing packages and they break, another forum i am on said it used mvebu/ instead of brcm63xx, so after changing the dist lists and opkg.conf file, all i get now is no valid architecture errors, so can someone help out with what i am missing ?

my opkg.conf file had the following added to it

arch all 100
mvebu/ 200
mvebu/-tch 300

where with the TG799 mvebu/ was brcm63xx, and no issues.

and dist lists is set to

src/gz chaos_calmer
src/gz luci

and so on with management, routing, telephony etc

i know i am missing something obvious, but cant figure it out


i have been trying for days to get this to work,

i have tried arm7 (according to cpuinfo)
brcm63xx (as per distfeeds)
mvebu (as per another tech forum)

all i have done is either get packages to break or soft brick / bootloop

have even tried over chaos_calmer

I'm not understanding...are you saying that you successfully installed 15.05.1; but you cannot install packages?

Can you explain why you edited this file?
The file that's included by default upon flashing already had the correct links.

search the forum regarding Technicolor. They apparently have their own modified source repo with brcm63xx-tch target instead of brcm63xx, but they still brand it as 15.05.1 causing confusion to end-users.

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the opkg.conf file was edited as per instructions on another site, and was the only way to get it to install files

otherwise i was either getting no valid architecture or wget returned 1

thats where i initially got confused when first doing things, am going to have another search as i think i wasnt using good search terms last time, or was wording things differently to what i should.


Hello @FLIP, have you installed LUCI on TG799 as by ? I am very intersted whether it is possible to install LUCI on TG799 or TG800.