Help with static route?

Sorry -- I added that just as a trial and error. It's been removed now.

Run a ping from router A to Does it work?
If not, run tcpdump on router B tcpdump -i any -evn icmp , run again the ping from A to C and post the results.

Yes, from A->C works but not vice versa.

This looks like a firewall on router A.

Boy do I feel dumb. PFSense by default allows packets from known hosts in its subnet but did not allow packets outside of it's subnet. I've fixed that. Thank you so much for your patience!

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I've run into another issue -- when I connect to either of my openwrt routers from my main network -- the SSH session closes. There's nothing in the logs to indicate why and I've tried logging in with 'ssh -vvv -l root' it becomes unresponive after a few minutes (even if the session is active.) No error messages are displayed. Bitvise drops the connection but is able to reconnect immediately.

If I log into router B w/ with its address (so the same subnet as my A network) it seems to work fine and I don't have any time-outs. Any thoughts on what might be going wrong?

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