Help with sqm? [basic config explanations]

hello everyone
i wanted to limit my wlan speed and i did it with installing sqm and it worked with all default settings (fq_codel) (simple.qos)
my question is what the other settings do ?
(cake)( layer of cake)(piece of cake)...
could any one can explain it with a simple way ?
i read a lot but i didn't understand
is it useful for me ?
thank you all :heart:

cake is all about keeping latency low even under high network load. If you want pure speed limit, you can do simple.qos and you're all set, but cake will do more than that. it will prevent things from "lagging" under load, so you can run it on your WAN interface and get more consistent network response times.

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Note: Use cake, not fq_codel.

The Queue Discipline tab controls how packets are prioritized for sending and receipt. The default settings shown here work very well for nearly all circumstances. Those defaults are:

  • cake queueing discipline

  • piece_of_cake.qos queue setup script

  • ECN for inbound packets

  • NOECN for outbound packets

  • The default values of the Advanced Configuration work fine