Help with setting up wireless client / bridge

I used this guide to set up a wireless client with my Archer AX23 and connected 2 devices to LAN1 and LAN2 of the client router.

Now both devices have internet access over wifi.

But both of the devices are not on the same network.
My main router is and the second router is
So 2 of my devices get IPs from the second client routers DHCP, 192.168.3.x and not the main router.

Is it possible to set this network to bypass the client DHCP and receive the IP addresses from the DHCP of the main router, in the 192.168.1.x range?

I cannot use WDS or MESH because my main router is Archer AX20 with stock firmware and it does not have those features or support OpenWrt.

I also tried setting up Wireless Repeater/Extender with Relayd with this guide

This works but I'm not sure if it's the best solution. My issue with Relayd is that every client that is connected to the Wireless Repeater receives the same MAC address. This totally breaks the Parental Control features on my main router, because it's MAC based.

What are my options?

Relayd is the most common solution and is perfectly valid. In some cases, wds or mesh will work, but those are typically only options of all involved devices (APs and client bridges) are running openwrt.

So there is no solution for duplicate MAC addresses?
All clients will have the same MAC address when Relayd is used?

I believe that is true

I see. I guess I can always set up some Parental controls in OpenWrt on the Wireless Repeater.

What would be the best way for example to time limit and block some websites like youtube for a specific client connected to the Wireless Repeater in OpenWrt?

Is there a software addon for OpenWrt maybe? Preferably something that I could switch on and off quickly when needed.

What about kmod-trelay? I've heard about it but can't seem to find anyone that is experiences with it. How is it different from relayd?
Does it handle MACs differently?