Help with setting up Qosify for Call of duty?

hello i recently installed qosify i want to know what's best possible for call of duty

thank you

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you can see the topic dedicated for that :wink:

qosify new marquage dscp

but if you want our configuration tell me :slight_smile:

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you can share your configuration here to let anyone who find this topic useful to him

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ok i'm live in france and for the moment my configuration is vdsl2 ok soon fiber :wink:

first in

config defaults
	list defaults /etc/qosify/*.conf
	option dscp_icmp +besteffort
	option dscp_default_tcp unmarked_traffic
	option dscp_default_udp unmarked_traffic

config class unmarked_traffic
	option ingress CS1
	option egress CS1
	option prio_max_avg_pkt_len 1270
	option dscp_prio CS4
	option bulk_trigger_pps 600
	option bulk_trigger_timeout 10
	option dscp_bulk CS1

config class browsing
	option ingress CS0
	option egress CS0
	option prio_max_avg_pkt_len 575
	option dscp_prio AF41
	option bulk_trigger_pps 1000
	option bulk_trigger_timeout 10
	option dscp_bulk CS1

config class bulk
	option ingress CS1
	option egress CS1

config class besteffort
	option ingress CS0
	option egress CS0

config class network_services
	option ingress CS2
	option egress CS2

config class broadcast_video
	option ingress CS3
	option egress CS3

config class gaming
	option ingress CS4
	option egress CS4

config class multimedia_conferencing
	option ingress AF42
	option egress AF42
	option prio_max_avg_pkt_len 575
	option dscp_prio AF41

config class telephony
	option ingress EF
	option egress EF

config interface wan
	option name wan
	option disabled 0
	option bandwidth_up 12mbit
	option bandwidth_down 48mbit
	option overhead_type none
	# defaults:
	option ingress 1
	option egress 1
	option mode diffserv4
	option nat 1
	option host_isolate 1
	option autorate_ingress 0
	option ingress_options ""
	option egress_options "wash"
	option options "mpu 68 overhead 26"

config device wandev
	option disabled 1
	option name wan
	option bandwidth 100mbit

and two paste this if you want you can change if you want but is our settings with very many people :wink:

tcp:22    network_services

udp:123   network_services

tcp:53    network_services
tcp:5353  network_services
udp:53    network_services
udp:5353  network_services

# DNS over TLS (DoT)
tcp:853   multimedia_conferencing
udp:853   multimedia_conferencing

tcp:80    browsing
tcp:443   browsing
udp:80    browsing
udp:443   browsing

# Microsoft (Download)
dns:*1drv*                 bulk
dns:*backblaze*            bulk
dns:*backblazeb2*          bulk
dns:**       bulk
dns:*onedrive*             bulk
dns:*sharepoint*           bulk
dns:**     bulk
dns:*windowsupdate*        bulk

# MEGA (Download)
dns:*mega*                 bulk

# Dropbox (Download)
dns:*dropboxusercontent*   bulk

# Google (Download)
dns:**         bulk
dns:*googleusercontent*    bulk

# Steam (Download)
dns:*steamcontent*         bulk

# Epic Games (Download)
dns:*download.epicgames*   bulk
dns:*download2.epicgames*  bulk
dns:*download3.epicgames*  bulk
dns:*download4.epicgames*  bulk
dns:*epicgames-download1*  bulk

# YouTube
dns:*googlevideo*   besteffort

# Facebook
dns:*fbcdn*         besteffort

# Twitch
dns:*ttvnw*         besteffort

# TikTok
dns:*tiktok*        besteffort

# Netflix
dns:*nflxvideo*     besteffort

# Amazon Prime Video
dns:*aiv-cdn*       besteffort
dns:*aiv-delivery*  besteffort
dns:*pv-cdn*        besteffort

# Disney Plus
dns:*disney*        besteffort
dns:*dssott*        besteffort

dns:*hbo*           besteffort
dns:*hbomaxcdn*     besteffort

# BitTorrent
tcp:6881-7000    bulk
tcp:51413        bulk
udp:6771         bulk
udp:6881-7000    bulk
udp:51413        bulk

# Usenet
tcp:119          bulk
tcp:563          bulk

# Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and FaceTime (they use these same ports)
udp:3478-3497    multimedia_conferencing

# Zoom
dns:*zoom*       multimedia_conferencing
tcp:8801-8802    multimedia_conferencing
udp:8801-8810    multimedia_conferencing

# Skype
dns:*skype*      multimedia_conferencing

# FaceTime
udp:16384-16387  multimedia_conferencing
udp:16393-16402  multimedia_conferencing

# GoToMeeting
udp:1853         multimedia_conferencing
udp:8200         multimedia_conferencing

# Webex Meeting
tcp:5004         multimedia_conferencing
udp:9000         multimedia_conferencing

# Jitsi Meet
tcp:5349         multimedia_conferencing
udp:10000        multimedia_conferencing

# Google Meet
udp:19302-19309  multimedia_conferencing

# TeamViewer
tcp:5938         multimedia_conferencing
udp:5938         multimedia_conferencing

# Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
tcp:5060-5061    telephony
udp:5060-5061    telephony

# Voice over WiFi or WiFi Calling (VoWiFi)
udp:500          telephony
udp:4500         telephony

# Live Streaming to YouTube Live, Twitch, Vimeo and LinkedIn Live
tcp:1935-1936    	broadcast_video
tcp:2396         	broadcast_video
tcp:2935         	broadcast_video

# Xbox
tcp:3074         	gaming
udp:88           	gaming
#udp:500         	gaming # UDP port already used in "VoWiFi" rules
udp:3074         	gaming
udp:3544         	gaming
#udp:4500        	gaming # UDP port already used in "VoWiFi" rules

# PlayStation
tcp:3478-3480    	gaming
#udp:3478-3479   	gaming # UDP ports already used in "Zoom" rules

# Call of Duty
#tcp:3074        	gaming # TCP port already used in "Xbox" rules
tcp:3075-3076    	gaming
#udp:3074        	gaming # UDP port already used in "Xbox" rules
udp:3075-3079    	gaming
udp:3658         	gaming

tcp:3659         	gaming
udp:3659         	gaming

# PlayStation Downloading DNS
dns:*		bulk
dns:*		bulk

# Gaming DNS

# Call of Duty Lobby/Joining Partys
dns:*		gaming

# Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege
dns:*		gaming
dns:*		gaming


say me if i work for you

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please if you want us to help you post your tc -s qdisc, and your qosify configuration to better understand thank you :wink:

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