Help with router decision

TP-link archer vr 600 vs TP-link archer 900. I'm connected to a campus internet. What would be the advantages buying either one. Also does these 2 models support SqM ??

Not supported.

And if you mean VR900 then it doesn't seem supported either[Model*~]=Vr

FYI, most xDSL devices aren't supported (and when they are supported, the modem function isn't) due to driver unavailability.

wouldn't QoS solve my ping problem ?

Maybe start out with describing your ping problem in detail?

I am not entirely sure what your ping problem is, but if you mean that the network at the university has high latency then what do you expect the router to do about that?

And more importantly, you shouldn't connect a router or a switch to your campus network without permission from the network admin.

Please refrain from asking the same question in more than one topic.

Ok sorry I'm new to this forum :frowning: . So the internet in the campus is around 100 mbps and i got a friend that uses the campus internet he hasn't experienced any ping spikes like mine also his download speed is way higher than mine (100mps) (Mine is 16 mps at max).The main problem is we use the internet with my father and when he logs in the internet goes crazy the ping interval is 17 to 5000 when my father uses it. When I'm alone at home the ping spikes appear rarely compared when he's at home. What can i do to solve this?

The main problem is when my father connects to the wi-fi there is ping spikes constantly to the point i can't chat or play online games. Also my download speed decreases horribly sometimes.

If I were you I would try to see why your father's computer causes that. Also I would ask anybody next-door who is accessing the same AP if they have the same problem. It's best to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it rather than finding a way around it.

but it isn't about my fathers pc the main problem is that whenever another device connects the ping spikes occur :frowning:

Then the problem is in the AP and you can tell the network admin to look into it.

It's good to understand where the problem is before you go and buy a device then it doesn't solve the issue (presuming you are allowed to connect a router to the network.

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Although i am familiar with pc hardware I am a bit stranger to the internet connection related terminologies what do you mean by AP ? Also where can I learn the main logic of how internet connection works.

AP = access point.

I really think best way to start is to discuss with the network administrator (or the IT guy).