Help with re450 v2 as extender

I rewrite the problem since my previous post was deleted for no reason. I installed 19.01 etc on a tplink re450 v2. The software starts without problem but is impossible to configure as an extender although the procedure should be relatively simple. In fact, after the pairing procedure completed without errors, the device does not emit a signal (it is not detected by any wifi analizer). It is obvious therefore something is wrong. So I request or help for further checks with fw openwrt or the procedure to replace the original fw that at least works without many problems. The device responds on ssh but there is no way to upload via tftp. If you have ideas about why I find myself with a device that previously worked and now with this firmware no longer works. Thank you.

I've set up my RE450 v2 as a WiFi extender following this guide and it has worked like a charm.
Btw, do NOT flash the oem firmware as it'll brick your RE450.

In fact, my fear is to briked with the original firmware. However, that guide had already tried it. I had installed relayd and luci-proto-relay expecting a graphical interface somewhere for the lights package but I never saw it anywhere. However, I went ahead with the procedure and in the end I found myself with the entire wifi section of the master touter down. Obviously I will have done something wrong. Now I will try again and possibly do some screens but I repeat that as regards relayd and the lights interface I don't see it anywhere.

Well, I followed the guide sign by sign and the problem remains. The RE450 pairs with an Arhcer C7 v5 with the same version of OperWrt when I turn on the repeater the menu of the C7 completely stops responding as if the two devices with the same software they cannot coexist and this problem I have on cable and not on wifi. As soon as I turn off the repeater, the router returns to respond. So if yours works well I have to assume that there is something wrong with the C7 software ?. Can any developer take a look at this problem?

Up. I need suggestion but I think that something does not work. I try to change the driver suggested in another tread in both devices with no success. The only mode do have a signal is on wds mode but no ip assigned from dhcp and no Internet.

Thank you.