Help with port forward (SOLVED)

Hey all.

I'm after some help/clarity on port forwards please.
Basically I have a web server Behind my openwrt bthh5a
In my port forwards section I have added

And rebooted however it does not work and when i tcpdump on my Linux box I don't get any response.
So the traffic is being dropped by the hh .

Is there anything else I need to do? I have tried creating a traffic rule for each aas well but that didn't work either.


I think you need to specify a source port as well.

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Ahhhhh I read it as source port we can't determine as we have no idea what the port the source is coming in oon. I just edited it and I have no idea why I never saw it before but its the EXTERNAL PORT. I needed to add not source port..

Thanks for the pointer.

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Incorrect. THE OP FAILED TO SPECIFY THE DESTINATION PORT, THOUGH. It should read "via any router IP at port 80" and 443, respectively.

Verify the WAN IP address issued by the ISP is Public and routable.

If you want to nitpick the terms used in Luci are external and internal ports. He was missing the external port. The config name for it is src_dport.

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No nit picking, I honestly thought you were referring to the Originating IP SRC PORT. Just wanted the OP to be clear that the Destination IP DST PORT (WAN) needs to be specified.

Really this has caused a small
I needed to add the external port I already had the internal (lan)ipaddress and Dest port.

Source port is something we as the destination have no control off. source port and external port is the wording in Lucia and they are different things.

Anyhow adding an external target port fixed it

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Not necessarily. It depends on what service you're running, for whom and if you expect those clients. In a general web server, obviously that's a "no."

While it may be simple to us, I just wanted to be clear for anyone who may pass by. It's happened before that a passerby misread, and ended up misquoting an old thread as justification for their setup.

Feel free to mark the correct post as the Solution and append [SOLVED] to the title.

Yer I mean as a for instance if you did a tcpdump and looked and tthe connections it would look similiar to this

Obvs those are random Ips. But my point is the incoming connection is never on the target port its always random. Except i suppose Vpn when we need 500

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Calling it either just source or destination is ambiguous. I first thought you were referring to the destination on the lan. The config setting for it is called dest_port. I would have called it external port if I had checked the Luci interface more closely before answering, but he seemed to figure it out.

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