Help with optimizing my setup for best possible performance in gaming and decrease latency

Bro when I set my download to 100000 or anything my dslreport just stops mid way when running the test

The link is broken:

probably should be:

Okay, that is a bummer, as we need some way to create load and also measure latency under load increase.
But you can also use the speed test to generate load. If you click settings you can set the test duration to be at least one minute, the minimum parallel connections to 8, and check the three checkboxes.
Before you start loading your network log into your router and install mtr (opkg update ; opkag install mtr should do the trick) and start
Have a look at the numbers, these will be your unloaded RTT to a typically close by google data center. Leave mtr running and start the load generator while watching the mtr RTT numbers, if these stay nice and steady with the upload in the background -> success. Most likely these will noticeably increase though, but at least we might have a working test again.

Maybe if i set the 16 to 8 on both down and up on dslreport?

I fixed the link

Ok, i changed number of streams to 8 instead of 16 i got this for 100000 on download

Okay, so this looks really excellent, should work well for gaming as well (bit for gaming I recomend the per-internal IP address isolation, we have yet to get there).

Now, it will be interesting to see speedtests at 150000, 175000, and say 200000 Kbps shaper settings to figure out where things go wrong.
Also have a look at where there is the promise of >> 100 Mbps shaper performance with cake. But agina I have no r7800 myself and have no idea what is behind that promise.

How do i download that kong build

I ran 2 test on 177000

Mmmh, the download bandwidth stays too low for the setting and with the last test the egress/upload base latency hits 47ms up from 14 ms before.
I have a feeling the next thing to tackle is getting the most out of the r7800. The hardware looks pretty powerful, but there seem to be some issues which might or might not be fixed by better software...

I believe in the kong thread there is also a link somewhere, or people active in this thread might know. But before you get to excited, I have no idea whether that really works as advertised, as there seems to be no real life testing data presented there with sqm/cake at > 100 Mbps...

Idk where's the rest of the 50% lol maybe cause I'm running on my console?

At 200 but im getting 110

Alright what's the call lol what can I do... I think it has to to do with the link layer mtu size maybe check those or maybe I should switch something around

Maybe go back to default and just have the sqm cake with piece of cake idk? What should I do at this point

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And what's this on your previous post how can I do this (bit for gaming I recomend the per-internal IP address isolation, we have yet to get there).

Well, bufferbloat seems to be well controlled, but your r7800 runs out of CPU cycles while running the shaper. So it looks like the shaper can do around 100000 Kbps with your current firmware/settings.

Do I need to switch my settings around?

Set my download to 100000?

Does the interface have to be eth0.2 wan?

No that is not going to help, you now need to tackle your r7800 issues before we can look at your download any further, but I note that the bufferbloat seems pretty well controlled, so while you research how to deal with the r7800 challenges, you should be able to game pretty decently (at least you will not be hindered by variable/bad latency under load). The issue now seems to be how to get more of your bandwidth back, and I believe that the solution to that in the r7800 threads, hopefully.