Help with OpenWrt ExpressVPN on TP-Link AC1750 - please

Have a TP-Link AC1750 that I just flashed over to OpenWRT. Could never get DD-WRT to flash. But, that all went fine.

Now, trying to use my ExpressVPN account on the OpenWRT and can't get the OpenVPN connection to Express VPN to start.

I have tried MULTIPLE changes and fixes and still can't get the darn thing to START.
Please, what am I doing wrong here?

You haven't really provided any clues what kind of "MULTIPLE changes" you have done, so we have no idea what you have actually done - let alone what might have gone amiss.

Thanks for the reply.
Apologies. It's a long story, and I tend to overwrite anyways....

Aparently, it's fixed now, as it's working. The last fix was to reload openvpn-openssl, which I had done half a dozen times. And, this time, it's freaking working.
Again, thanks for even reading my first post.

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