Help with OPENVPN issue/setup

So I've setup openvpn with my vpn provider with their provided .ovpn file. Connections established, internet works fine etc.. However im encountering a strange issue when I setup another wireless interface which fowards traffic to my WAN so I can use my ISP's connection. Currently all the traffic is being rejected whenever i use the second wifi interface. firewall
My current firewall configuration. Im able to access WAN from connecting a cable to my laptop, but not when I connect to my wifi interface. If I forward the pwlan to vpn, the traffic goes straight to the vpn's connection and works. but I just cant seem to get the second wifi interface to be able to use WAN (my ISP's connection). If anyone has a clue on what is happening here and would like to point me in the right direction for this setup that would be appreciated.

I kind of suspect that openvpn is blocking any connections from the wifi interfaces to WAN.

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Please post your system log (logread), /etc/config/network, /etc/config/network, and /etc/config/firewall

  • Ensure you remove your WAN IP, DDNS address, MAC Addresses, and/or passwords