Help with Netgear CVG834G and USB


I'm trying to complete the support of OpenWrt/Lede on Netgear CVG834G modem.
The device run a BCM3368. It has one type B USB port.
When running the original firmware (eCos) i can connect the modem to my PC. The PC sees an Ethernet device, which mean the modem runs as an USB slave device.
Do you think that if the modem run as USB host we can plug a USB key on the same USB port (with an adapter of course) ?


USB host and consumer devices are fundamentally different and not interchangable.

Connecting two consumer devices to eachother will yield nothing, because the consumer does not provide the +5V voltage. Connecting two host devices to eachother however could cause electrical damage.


After some researches i made the same conclusions. Of course !!!
Thank you for your answer.