Help with LED configuration (usbport)

Hi all,

since the switch to "usbport" I cannot have a led blinking on I/O on a USB flashdrive. Previously it worked with usbdev.
I have a Netgear DGN3500B, the relevant section in /etc/config/system is:

config led                              
        option default '0'    
        option name 'usb' 
        option sysfs 'dgn3500:green:usb'
        option trigger 'usbport'

I have also tried to add:
option ports 'usb1-port1'
but it changes nothing.

When i restart led:
/etc/init.d/led restart
I can see the led light on for a eyeblick, then it stays down forever.

Any hint?


Technically it should be

list ports 'usb1-port1'

I don't know if "option" will work.

Blinking on USB activity is unsupported in the new driver yet, sorry :frowning: All it does it turning LED on when device get connected and turning off when disconnected.

is blinking on usb supported now?I need this feature and can't find it,thanks...