Help with Itus Shield can not log in to interface

Hello. I am running an Itus Shield that uses OpenWrt. I had been having trouble getting it to access the internet. I changed the LAN physical settings to Br (lan-wan) and now and I can't log in. The previous setting was LAN eth1. I do have access to it through the serial console. Can someone please help me change the setting back. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply.There is actually a reset button but I did not want to go this route if I did not have to. If I reset it, will it take it back to it's initial configuration? I ask because I have made several updates/hot fixes over the years.

You should seriously consider upgrading to a new version of the firmware (maybe a recent official stable release version of OpenWrt, if your device is supported). Thee are many security vulnerabilities patches and other changes that will improve the overall safety and experience.

I'm not sure why you would want to do this, but obviously it has caused problems.

Yes. You could revert the file that most likely caused the problem.

cp /rom/etc/config/network /etc/config/network
(optionally you could backup the current file in case you need to refer back to it for the current settings, other than the bridge).

Thanks for the help. I reset the unit and it's back up and running. Appreciate everyone's help.