Help with Inteno XG6846

Sorry to say that I couldn't find that binary among busybox's choises.


I think strace is built from source. The binary should be small enough to fit on this platform, though. It's a worthwhile investment. Any other tools you might like to see on there, @mrhaav ?

Also, even without strace, you can still poke around to determine how the switch is connected, provided debugfs is compiled and available. Is that possible with the kernel for the source @csom?

This can be applied for gpio, i2c, ...

Sorry to say that this feels a little above my knowledge. It sounds a little to much "lo-level" for me to provide any light into it :slight_smile:

Hi, Sorry for off-topic question, maybe U know if there is possibility to disable SFP port (fiber) or turn off this XG6846 from CLI or some another way? I need to disable SFP signal from remote location, I can login to device but I can only restart it.... Maybe there is a way update it with firmware what will cause bootloop? Can anyone help, thanks :smile: