Help with Installing LEDE on a Netgear R6220

I have a problem. I want to install LEDE on Netgear R6220, but I have a problem.
I do by instraction, after "mtd_write write lede-ramips-mt7621-r6220-squashfs-rootfs.bin Rootfs" I got error:
Cound't open mpd device: Rootfs
Can't open device for writing!

What's wrong?


Somebody know?

Realize that at that point you are still running stock firmware, not LEDE, so this is a question about the stock firmware. They may have changed the names of the mtd partitions. Run cat /proc/mtd to see a list of the partitions.

cat /prco/mtd I see that mtd3 -> Rootfs, but again error

cat /proc/mtd :slight_smile: