Help with getting WAN to connect

I just switched from dd-wrt and right off the bat I can't get the WAN to connect to my cable modem

I have an aaris surfboard sb6183, the wan is set as eth1.2 with a dhcp to pull the ipsettings from my provider, i even tried replicating the static address to no avail, im new to openwrt so any help would be greatly appreciated

So you've connected OpenWRT-router directly to your provider or to cable modem?

Correct, its only a cable modem not a router or one that provides its own wifi, simply a gateway, ive connected the modem (not the wrt32x) but the arris to my pc and it grabs the needed onfo via dhcp and connects, but for the life of me i cant get openwrt to connect

What are credentials of your provider? What is wan setting of 'old' working router?

Ill have to look as i hosed my dd-wrt partition' the only way i can see it now is via my pc, give me a sec and ill give the relevant info

Ip 75.111.157.xx
Its all over ipv4 not 6 at all

Now configure wan of OpenWRT-router, adding static address.

I did with exactly those options, it refused to connect, so for the time i went back to dd-wrt at least until i have more time to mess with it

Does you ISP have MAC-address filter? Please, provide output of
for wan-interface of router. Also try to ping gateway from command line.