Help with CoovaChilli Setup on GiGA WiFi Wave 2 KM08-708H After Building Custom OpenWrt

I have built a custom OpenWrt firmware for the GiGA WiFi Wave 2 KM08-708H. I modified the mt7621_raisecom_msg1500-x-00.dts file to make it compatible with this device. However, I am facing issues with CoovaChilli, as it does not redirect to the login page and does not distribute IP addresses.

Please note that I am providing the chilli configuration file to the access point using a template from the OpenWISP server. Here are my chilli configuration settings:
config chilli 'chilli1'
option coaport '3799'
option interval 3600
option swapoctets 1
option tundev 'tun0'
option dhcpif 'br-lan'
option net
option lease 600
option dns1
option dns2
option ipup '/etc/chilli/'
option ipdown '/etc/chilli/'
option radiusserver1 ''
option radiusauthport 1812
option radiussecret 'exampleSecret'
option ssid 'exampleSSID'
option nasip ''
option radiusnasid 'exampleNASID'
option uamlisten
option uamserver ''
option uamsecret 'exampleUAMSecret'
option uamallowed ',,'
option uamdomain ''
option uamanydns 1
option uamaliasname 'login'
option nouamsuccess 1

Current Issues:

  1. CoovaChilli does not redirect to the login page.
  2. CoovaChilli does not distribute IP addresses.

I have verified the CoovaChilli configuration settings, but the issue persists. Do you have any suggestions or additional troubleshooting steps I can take to resolve this issue? Could there be compatibility issues related to the modifications I made in the mt7621_raisecom_msg1500-x-00.dts file?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, [abozed]

Please submit device support in a PR for everyone's good.
Please consider opennds or dogsplash depending on your routers resource and use case, coova has hard to manage dependencies acros nft/xt bridges.

What version of OpenWrt?

CoovaChilli has been unmaintained for many years and has been broken for many of those years. Even if you knew how to fix it, you would be faced with the fact it uses legacy iptables, whereas recent versions of OpenWrt use nftables.

It is possible via dubious hacks to get CoovaChilli to work on recent versions of OpenWrt at the expense of complicated and potentially clashing dependencies.

It is therefore not recommended unless you have no other choice, for example, you really know what you are doing and are being paid to fix an elderly, outdated, commercial system. The fact that you are asking does not bode well.

You are unlikely to get much help, because you will be competing against the very people who do know what they are doing and getting paid to fix those elderly, outdated, commercial systems and they will not want to give away their secrets....

Correct. Takes a lot of time to exploit the "black magic" of coova chilli. And time is money.

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The default chilli package on openwrt is built without redir support, which makes it useless. I personally think the default chilli package downloadable from is useless.

So, you need to build it yourself with redir support (see, and for iptables you need to find the right combination of packages that allow compatibility between iptables and nftables. I had it working on OpenWrt 22 (there's a few discussions on this forum about it) but not on OpenWrt 23 yet.

PS: Coova-chilli on OpenWrt 22.03 (nftables)

That is blatantly not true. It fails because it expects a version of iptables from pre 2018 and does not work with the "new" iptables syntax introduced back then.

This is exactly the same version that is built on OpenWrt, it is cloned from OpenWrt, even down to the exact same makefile and package hash, so it does not have any fixes and is therefore just as broken, unless you know the secret sauce - and that was discussed earlier in this thread.

It's not exactly the same, the default value for COOVACHILLI_REDIR in the OpenWrt package is n:

While here the default is y:

I don't suggest to use that forked version but I recommend to compile with redir support, this software, without the COOVACHILLI_REDIR enabled is not very useful.

The package compiled and published on, is shipped without the redir functionality, so in my opinion not useful.

Then there's also the iptables mess adding into the mix, but fortunately a few options are discussed and recommended in Coova-chilli on OpenWrt 22.03 (nftables). I hope that helps whoever finds this post.

My 2 cents.

If you managed to run CoovaChilli on OpenWrt 23.03 without issues on the CJ-Hello HYC-G920 device, on the other hand, you faced difficulties running it on the GiGA WiFi Wave 2 KM08-708H device.

Eh? That was you, not me, it is your thread........

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I apologize for the typo in the previous post. I meant that I was the one who faced difficulties running it on the GiGA WiFi Wave 2 KM08-708H. :joy:"

You may correct the wording used in that reply to ensure whoever reads this thread understands it.