Help with compiling new kernal version for Seeed reRouter

Hey all I just got word back that Seeed will no longer provide updated builds of OpenWRT for the rerouter that I just bought.

So I am hooping some nice forum member(s) in the community would be nice enough to compile a newer version of OpenWRT with the needed packages in order for me to continue my project? I am not sure how to add the packages that they already have on their OneDrive account in order to have the rerouter working out of the box after flashing it.

I have followed this tutorial on how to make a custom OpenWRT firmware.

Seeed does have a GIHUB page that may be of use with compiling a new firmware kernel but I have no idea if it will be useful or not.

The last firmware update they have is OpenWRT version 22.03.

My original question to them if you would like to know.

I've tried to compile a custom firmware and I have but it does not seem to work on the rerouter when i try logging into it (wont even pull up a page) so I am guessing its missing some package(s) that it needs for the LAN/WAN and USB?

Again, it would be appreciated if someone with a lot more knowledge of this stuff than I am helping me out with it! :slight_smile:

This device is not supported by the official openwrt project. Therefore, it is out of scope and off-topic here. you need to ask the maintainers of there firmware you are trying to build.

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Typical Computer Module 4, supported since

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