Help with basic OpenWrt install and setup of the DL-WRX36

Excuse me.
1.How to access SSH on dl-wrx36?

.2. "Change boot command so it loads the initramfs image on next boot; fallback to OEM firmware is provided" How to do it on Windows 10?"



ask your Win10 ...

I'm not sure if it is a good idea to proceed with this device and OpenWrt when you have issues to answer such easy questions by your own. There are other devices that are much easier to flash like the Netgear WAX206. There you don't even need to use ssh access when you are using the 23.05.0-rc2 image.


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sysupgrade it with the sysupgrade image from, it comes with LuCI.

Google "Openwrt sysupgrade" ?

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That is the snapshot from main/master, the develpoment branch, not the stable 23.05 that you were suggested to install. 23.05 would have LuCI pre-installed.

for main/master snapshot you need to manually install LuCI with opkg.

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share internet using your phone...

you managed 30 mins ago in Dynalink DL-WRX36 Askey RT5010W IPQ8072A technical discussion - #2122 by otnert, but installed the wrong image ... ?

fine, then I guess you need to learn how to set up PPPoE via cli.
have fun, create a new thread about it in

if you don't have internet access in any way, follow my last reply.

just wondering what you need the WRX36 for, if you don't have any internet access ...

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not giving you the same answer for the 3rd time ...

Please @beroxac560 this thread is for technical discussion about the DL-WRX36.
For general help make another separate thread.
Thank you.

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if you're here, how do you not have internet access ?

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You need to set the correct PPPoE config via SSH console to the network config file.

Possibly you also need to identify the correct packages needed for pppoe (if any. I think that PPPoE is enabled by default). If any additional packages are needed, you should download them to your PC, and the transfer (e.g. with scp) to your router and install via opkg.

how is that package / site related to openwrt ?

PPPoE usually ships with the images, which @hnyman also pointed out.

If you followed the guide you flashed "initramfs", then flashed "factory" snapshot. If you used a snapshot for factory you will have these issues because they are barebones, doesn't come with LuCI, and maybe doesn't have some packages needed for PPPoE. The stable branch builds like from 23.05 will have those. You should flash the "sysupgrade" image from there which has Luci but you might not have the right image.

If you have no internet you might need to rollback to OEM firmware or use another router/direct connect to your modem to get the right images downloaded. You will need a way to install all needed packages from opkg via the sysupgrade image.

I'll update the guide recommending to predownload all 3 images before getting started to at least help others that might not know these steps. These experimental devices (without yet having stable releases) often see these issues as support and documentation improves.

You can download openwrt-23.05.0-rc2-ipq807x-generic-dynalink_dl-wrx36-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin on your Windows 10 device.

Then you can copy that file to /tmp/ on the router using scp

Then you do sysupgrade /tmp/openwrt-23.05.0-rc2-ipq807x-generic-dynalink_dl-wrx36-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin