Help with adding missing packages (ex. nano) for snapshot compile of mt7621

Ok, I'm a little lost here. I was able to compile the latest snapshot of Openwrt for mt7621 (Cudy X6) using the config file from julyworlds on Github. I'm trying to install some packages but they aren't in opkg. Ex. nano, curl, bin-host. I look in the snapshot packages and they aren't there. Is there a way to add them or another repository to bring them in?

If you’re compiling your own images just select what you want in menuconfig before starting the compile, then you don’t need to install anything.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I just figured that out while I was waiting. I chose * and not M. I get the idea of being a module and understand about compiled in the kernel vs loaded as a module, but not sure what that means as far as applets like nano. As I check items in menuconfig, is the source pulled in or is it already in the codebase and just enabled?

after you run ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a, the nano package should be in openwrt/feeds/packages/utils/nano, the real source code will be downloaded when you compiling.

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Got it! Thanks!