Help with AdBlock

It seems that every wepage I open (especially google) gives me videos/video ads. I'd really like to stop this.

If I enable adblock and do a google search for 'rototillers' for example, I can't click on the list of results which go across the results page. I think they link through googleadsearch or something like that.

Is there a way to kill the 'noise' without blocking the things I'm actually clicking on?



Have you considered that you may have unknowingly installed some form of malware/adware or a browser hijacker? If literally every webpage is doing this then I would consider something to be amiss with your system. I havent used google in years because of telemetry and well honestly I am concerned when ANY entity knows as much about its users as google does. So naturally I am a kind of guy but as far as I remember google never had video ads in their search results, just little haiku-like text based ads. Has that really changed?

Failing that, consider giving the package "luci-app-adblock" a try. I have used all the various adblock options for OpenWRT over the years and I always go back to that one. It is imo the best overall way to network wide adblock without much hassle. I'm sure others will prefer different packages however as everyone has their own preferences.

Sorry, I failed to explain correctly.

Yahoo shows the videos. Adblock blocks the google search results from being clicked on and leading to the site that sells one rototiller or another (based on my reference above).


dont click on the first link or two if they say [Ad]

In this case, it's the ads that I want - ie I'm shopping for a rototiller.

I'm not sure if this will work, but, if you install tcpdump-mini, enable DNS Report (adblock>general settings), restart Adblock, click on the ads you want to see, then go back to Adblock, go to the DNS Report tab, click refresh, you should be able to see which ads have been blocked and add them to the whitelist. Or, check the domain the of the adds and try adding that to the whitelist.

Simply desactive temporarly the adblocker in the webui !

Look further down and the actual hits to the homepages are there again but without googles payed ads hits.

I guess the only difference is that you don’t give money to the webpage owner if you scroll past the ads hits😂