Help with a wndr4300

hi everyone. im new and a newbie haha. i just got a netgear wndr4300. first thing i do is go to ddwrt get their firmware and flash it. never had a problem with them before... but for some reason they cant get a good stable firmware for this route. a lot of ddwrt users said they got the openwrt bc it was stable and can add packages.

so heres the question can some help me get the right firmware and packages for my needs please?

the wndr4300 needs to be sat up as a wireless bridge
i have a 4tb ntfs id like to plug in so i can read and write files to it from a computer while also being able to stream my downloads to my tv/ps4/etc
also would like ipv6 since i went tho and got my computers and what not onto that.
ofcourse all the lights and buttons work.

i think that about covers it all, its a lot huh? thank you anyone who helps me. i did try to read and understand this to just make my own... but my head hurts now. i am no programmer.

Firmwares are named after the model name of your device, in your case ath79 is the platform name.
Using it as a wireless bridge will be fine, I'd highly recommend you to use WDS if possible.
NTFS is going to be slow and adding ReadyMedia (former MiniDLNA) on top of that wont fit within your available flash storage space. You can use extroot however to "expand" your storage space, however you will need to setup a swap file as ReadyMedia will usually use more than 128Mbyte of RAM while scanning media. All of this is more or less documented in the Wiki.

never is easy. well i guess i dont have to have the ntfs support... but would i be able to moves files on and off the drive if the drive is fat32?


whats the 18.06? i read that the 17.01.5 is the latest stable release. which should a novice like me get?

It is the next stable release ( due soon ) Release Candidates are currently available

Before you do anything, make sure that you have a working way of recovery in case things it doesn't boot for whatever reason.

o ok. i know its a personal opinion but which would you guys choose? 17.01.5 or 18.06?

i flashed the router back to factory. hope i wont have any problems. recommendations?

If you feel like testing a release candiate and reporting issues 18.06, otherwise 17.x is the stable release. You can always upgrade to 18.06.x when it becomes available.

ok. ill stick with the safe side for now. so i just log into the factory router page and choose the .img file to upgrade?


V2 hardware is not supported, check which hardware you have before proceeding

ya i have v1 i made sure. currently im having trouble. i guess i need to go back to stock firmware before i install this? but i cant seem to get reid of the ddwrt firmware on there.

i think i broke it... dont know how. did everything netgear said. but the power just flashes green non stop. i can ping it but that it.

Can you SSH or telnet into it.


Try the process again with an older/earlier firmware version from netgear

if i had to enable before i did this then no. ill see if ic an get a older stock firmware