Help wanted - Forum moderators

Our forum exists as it is today because of a small number of dedicated users who are willing to spend the time reviewing posts, noting incorrect and/or duplicate items and flagging unwanted behavior. We have recently lost one of main contributors to this cause and have been doing OK with the one remaining full-time moderator with the occasional help of our part-time admins.

I am making an open request for volunteers - my preference would be someone who wants to work with psherman and myself and who has either attained TL3 in the forum or has been active flagging spam, undesirable behavior and organizing topics. There are a number of regulars here that I would like to see step into this role - please volunteer.

An approach that does not invite 'flame-wars' dealing with trolls and spammers a must.

DM me, psherman or reply to this topic if interested.


I'd be happy to help.


Thanks to all who have responded - stay tuned for some new moderators.