Help using relayd - Mode: Master wireless not visible

Hello forum users, I'm struggling to configure the relayd package, the following case happens:

openwrt ip:
gw router ip:

It is not visible to wifi devices, it worked but suddenly stopped, all interfaces are ok LAN-Repeter-WWAN are communicating with each other.

One detail is that when I disable the wifi client mode, the networks created in the access-point mode appear as in the lists of devices for connection, I have already tried about 5 tutorials but they all crash at the end, the access point mode is not visible, it was intermittent about 2x and disappeared, I managed to configure this repeater mode without using relayd I don't know how it connected to the wifi and enabled the networks I had created...

Does anyone have a solution in this case? I just need to enable the access-point is there any particular configuration I'm forgetting?

Versão: OpenWrt 21.02.1

1 - LAN IP : not . , you can use by exemple: mask nothing others parameters no DHCP
After acces Openwrt is this IP

2 - WWAN IP : gateway dns

3 - WIreless is connected to the WWAN port

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