[help] upnpc reports status disconnected for valid IGD

I have an AP in which miniupnpd is running.

 [root@linux ~]# ps | grep upnp
 7493 root       0:00 grep upnp
 7594 root       0:14 /usr/sbin/miniupnpd -f /etc/miniupnpd.conf -P /tmp/run/miniupnpd.pid -t 5 -z Linux_AP -s 1234567890123

I have downloaded miniupnpc on my Linux laptop. Compiled and executed the static version of upnpc.

Both are in a network through LAN.

But the following command shows that the IGD status is Disconnected. What might be the reason for this?

nayab@linux:miniupnpc-2.1$ ./upnpc-static -u "" -l
 upnpc : miniupnpc library test client, version 2.1.
 (c) 2005-2018 Thomas Bernard.
 Go to http://miniupnp.free.fr/ or https://miniupnp.tuxfamily.org/
 for more information.
 Found valid IGD :
 Local LAN ip address :
 Connection Type : IP_Routed
 Status : Disconnected, uptime=52059086s, LastConnectionError : ERROR_NONE
 Time started : Thu Jun  1 05:29:55 2017
 MaxBitRateDown : 8388608 bps (8.3 Mbps)   MaxBitRateUp 4194304 bps (4.1 Mbps)
 ExternalIPAddress =
     i protocol exPort->inAddr:inPort description remoteHost leaseTime
 GetGenericPortMappingEntry() returned 713 (SpecifiedArrayIndexInvalid)

Note: I couln't find the above IGD when I run the command upnpc_static -s command.

How did you configure upnp on the AP? Are there any relevant logs there?

You mean the contents of /etc/miniupnpd.conf?

Here is the configuration file.

[root@linux ~]# cat /etc/miniupnpd.conf 
allow 1024-65535 1024-65535
deny 0-65535 0-65535