Help upgrade Kernel?

Hi Guys yesterday i installed OpenWrt by creating my own image on my Raspberry Pi 4B and all is good. im in Luci and when i went to install kmod-wireguard it says my Kernel is unsupported

Require version = 5.10.161-1-61a27be69d8fdf73a5b94559a7a5730a,
installed 5.10.161-1-9b5a7dd7339ff25f99e0839f8e51f5da

Do i need to update the Kernel
Can anybody help please..? Thanks in advance

Welcome to forum Rory.

Yes you should update kernel.


Thanks Amat for the quick reply, could you point me in the right direction of updating the Kernel please.

Did you compile your image?

if you compile your own image, the kmods have to come from you too.

This is misleading in its incompleteness. There is no way to update the kernel on OpenWrt other than upgrading to a newer image.


In your build system, select wireguard-tools, which is userspace programs necessary to configure wireguard. This will also force kmod-wireguard as a dependency. Then rebuild.

If you want you should be able to install those as packages from your build, or reinstall the whole image. The kernel will be the same unless you update the source code with a git pull.

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Hi Guys, yes i did compile the image myself.


Hi Guys, yes i did compile the image myself.

Why Rory?


You can compile and still use the official repository for kernel modules as long as you take care to start your custom configuration from the stock configuration. For you that's here. Then when you make menuconfig, take care not to change anything that affects kernel options.

Early on in the process you can check your hash to make sure it matches with:
find build_dir/ -name .vermagic -exec cat {} \;
What I usually do is do a make target/linux/compile before I even do a make toolchain/install. The linux compile will fail, but not before it produces the .vermagic that I can check against stock.